Covid-19 Health & Safety Statement updated 5.1.21


Following the governments current guidelines, all our branches have now re-opened.


Delivery Level

Until further notice A World Of Furniture will operate two levels of delivery ‘service’:

Door step’ - This is available as normal

Our ‘safest’ delivery option, which allows our customers and A World Of Furniture’s staff the best ‘contactless’ approach. Delivered products can be left in secure areas, on door steps or in gardens. This delivery option does not allow staff in to customer's homes. Customer’s must observe Social distancing regulations and allow good contactless access to ‘drop off points’. This delivery option is highly recommended.

‘Two man installation’ this is still available to purchase but will only be fulfilled after National Lockdown Eases.

A World Of Furniture will carry out this service, with much larger pieces of furniture or installations where both a more professional and thorough outcome is necessary. Customers will have to satisfy all of the Covid safety precautions and make sure they socially distance , do not share enclosed spaces (rooms) with the delivery team, sanitise all areas of possible contact and ventilate where necessary or possible. This level of delivery service is only achievable after consulting with ‘the team’ at A World Of Furniture.

A World Of Furniture’s aim is to provide not only the best possible service but the safest option to help deliver your new piece of furniture to your home. By following the safest protocols we will endeavour to secure the health of our customers and staff.


Our customer service team is also on-hand via social media or email if you have any questions about our furniture, delivery options or would like more information about the precautions we are taking to protect your health and safety.

Thank you to all our customers

We truly value the loyalty of our customers during this challenging time and will endeavour to keep you informed if anything changes