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Wiemann UK

How many companies can claim to have their roots in what was once a country inn?

But in 1900, ‘start ups’ were not quite what they are today, and there certainly wasn’t as much freedom or choice. However, company founder Mathias Wiemann was soon having to open a larger workshop, and acquiring his first machinery put him firmly on the path to slow but consistent growth, resulting in the company of today’s size and presence.


Bigger is most definitely best!

Wiemann today is one of Germany’s leading bedroom manufacturers, specialising in semi-fitted collections in both modern and traditional styles. Every day, between 400 and 500 bedrooms are put on the road to destinations throughout Europe and beyond.


Precision engineering

Wiemann bedroom furniture is manufactured to the highest standards in its highly mechanised, very efficient factory, which is accredited to the international quality management assurance standard ISO 9001: 2000. Products are also approved under the German BQ quality mark scheme.


Home Delivery and Installation

Wiemann wardrobes are delivered and installed by their own teams of technicians who have many years experience and make it a smooth and easy experience when purchasing your Wiemann bedroom furniture, an experience remembered for all the best reasons!

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