Woodland Outings and Adventures

Every year , as is the tradition, here at A World Of Furniture, we take some of the staff out in to the woods .


Lucy and I have been teaching , guiding and providing ‘Bushcraft experiences’ through our company ‘Countrylore Bushcraft’ for over 15 years. A World of Furniture has at it’s core a deep and well supported empathy for nature and our environment.


We set up ‘Furniture for Trees’ many years ago , dare I say before the trend in environmental awareness began .And have gone on to support many green causes including Project Seagrass and of course Countrylore.


Both Lucy and myself have studied many of the elements which make up Bushcraft and Wilderness Living Skills . The time we spend teaching and immersing folk in nature is very therapeutic for one and all ! It is even more special and enjoyable to have our staff out for the day or days …


This year was as fantastic as ever . We took two groups out over two days. The days were , as always, peppered with banter and great humour. The one thing Lucy and I, have come to understand about spending time in the outdoors and more especially in woodland. Is the amazing restorative effect it has on people. The the woodland aromas, Vistas and sounds all help to both relax and distract our minds and bodies.


Much of what we impart and teach is carried out around campfires under parachutes and in the wild . This year’s groups carved spatulas , made fire by friction, worked on natural awareness , tracking skills and survival strategies. It’s always great fun but there are always key life skills to understand and learn .


The days were finished off with Archery competitions. Two days brought two winners .. Lenn and Barry. Next year we must bring them together for a ‘bow off’ !


As always the company was fantastic, Lucy’s campfire meal was more than delicious and we all got just that bit closer to understanding nature .