Showrooms and a Stage !


I still remember Lucy’s grandfather telling us “you need to put on a show”. In fact, for nearly 30 years now, these words have constantly reverberated with me .
It’s obvious … Isn’t it ? If you are selling anything , providing a service or even teaching in the woods ; you need to ‘grab’ your audience’s attention. Those occasions where a new client first visits one of our fantastic ‘emporiums’ can be the beginning of a very fruitful relationship. And first impressions really do count .
I am sure , you as a follower , client or reader of this blog, are aware we operate four furniture superstores across Wiltshire , Hampshire and Dorset. The business was founded by my wife Lucy and I many years ago . I believe we had established we needed to be a little different from our competitors. We had to ‘tighten the nut’ and go after the custom of our clients very forthrightly! Times were different and we ran probably one of the most successful Pine furniture operations in the UK . We operate the greatly evolved A World Of Furniture quite differently now but there are still many commonalities.
What makes a fantastic showroom? What’s the ‘recipe’? The answer contains both complexity and simplicity and draws upon psychology and expectations. Firstly we know who we are , we understand our customers and we have a ‘game plan’. The showrooms are ‘our stage’ , a stage where we must put on a show . We draw upon a huge wealth of experience in managing and creating fantastic customer experiences.
Today our advertising , media support and website all play a part in ‘driving’ wonderful customers to our showrooms in Salisbury, Blandford , Poole and Southampton. On arrival at our superstores, it’s firstly very easy to park and the establishments give a feeling of size and commitment. Beyond that the showrooms are looking to demonstrate that we are a unique independent retailer, run and managed by ‘real people ‘.
Within our showrooms we are looking to create remarkable emporiums, absolutely ‘over flowing’ with wonderful furniture and homeware accessories. Some pieces you might expect to see and others are really quite unexpected. The idea being that we endeavour to offer something for everyone. Some folk are looking for a simple practical , value for money solution and others a ‘statement piece’. I believe the expression ‘remarkable emporium’ has been used to describe any one of our locations very frequently over the past 27 years ..
The feeling of adventure and intrigue is so important in the customer journey or experience. Lucy has spent the last few years really building the homewares part of the business. Each store’s furniture ranges are now supported by a huge range of Cushions, Lamps , Rugs , Tableware , Shelves , Candles and so much more . Whilst Simon has reassuredly increased the floor stock of Beds, Mattresses, Sofas , Recliners and soft furnishings.
We are fortunate in having a superb team of fantastic staff. And I say ‘fantastic’ and mean it . From the showrooms, to the warehouse , the offices and out on the vans . Another wise chap once told me (whilst I was trying to puzzle out what being self employed was all about) “Your staff are the most important ‘commodity’ in your business”. As anyone who has been fortunate enough to employ ‘great people’, will surely attest to. Lucy and I are so thankful that they all quite simply ‘get it’.They understand the
customer journey , the showrooms and more ‘importantly’ great service . The showrooms would be nothing without the ‘players’ – the customers and staff !
Our current ‘tag line’ is “Discover More” . It’s all about the customer experience and the ‘journey’ around our amazing showrooms . Showrooms which are ‘rich’ in variety , exciting in their ‘enormity’ and so well supported by customers and staff alike .
Fantastic showrooms need size , absorbing content , features , zones and they must ‘transmit’ the businesses ethos . To us it is ‘ a furniture safari’ where you will discover more !
A World Of Furniture is the region’s largest furniture retailer , supported by the best showrooms and fantastic furniture.