Wilton Shaggy Rug - Check (Various Sizes)

Wilton Shaggy Rug - Check (Various Sizes)

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The Wilton Shaggy Rug Design collection are power loomed on four metre wide looms with thousands of bobbins providing the yarn for each loom providing amazing consistency in the weave with each loom using a computer aided design program. The rugs are then cut and finished by hand, with all binding, carving and trimming also completed by hand.

100% Polypropylene and a luxurious 5cm pile, this collection combines the luxury of a deep, soft feel pile and whilst adding comfort, style and a vibrancy to any floor, they also offer very high levels of durability as they are non shed, colourfast, stain resistant, moth proof and easy to clean practicality .

Wilton Shaggy Rugs come in a huge range of colours and sizes, this is a collection offers something for every room in the house, giving the perfect focal point for your living room, bedroom, study or conservatory.