30th April 2017

Things To Consider While Choosing Wooden Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom should be the tranquil retreat, designed to give you the ultimate space to great you in the morning with a welcoming look but give you the restful ambience in the evening to gently drift you off to sleep. It also needs to cater for the practicalities of storage and orientation to give maximum light where you need it. It is worth taking time over the planning of your bedroom and this comes in several stages.

The crucial element to any bedroom is in the beds orientation, this will set the stage for the remainder of the room and will set the tone for the design of the bedroom furniture and of course it's size and position.

Measuring a room is crucial

Measuring the room to get the bed orientation is the crucial first step - it will allow the trail of many alternatives that may help with allowing for bigger storage.

Get this portion of the plan in place in order to select the right bedroom furniture and an easy method of this is to draw out a rough plan of the floor and then to scale cut out an oblong out of card to use as a bed template, this will give you a great way of getting this initial layout and an idea as to the positioning of the bedroom furniture itself. This way, you can select furniture confident that whatever items you do eventually go for at A world of furniture, you know that it will fit immediately on delivery. 

Lundy Painted Furniture

Lundy bedroom furniture - a popular choice to give added reflective light to a room -  see more here

Wood is one of the most popular materials used to make bedroom furniture but there are many varieties and you need to consider a number of things when looking for wood bedroom furniture. One of these things is style, does your home lend itself to a rustic look or more modern, are the rooms large enough to cater a dark colour or are they quite small and would benefit from a lighter finish? Also think about your personal style, it is not likely that people will see your bedroom furniture after all, it will be you waking up to it every morning and you want it to inspire! 

Avon Oak Bedroom

Be bold in your bedroom - Avon oak has a strong look with a great shape and warm colour - see more here


Another thing to consider as you select the right furniture is the dimensions, the pieces you choose should fit into your bedroom well, arranged in a manner that does not feel cramped or forced (this is where the floor plan comes in handy!). In addition, the furniture you select should be able to fit in the hallways, doorways, and staircases that lead to the bedroom. It is wise to take measurements beforehand and carry them with you as you shop for items so that you will not end up buying furniture that cannot make it through the doors of your home.

The bedroom furniture you choose should also be functional, this is where our extensive showrooms come to the fore as you can try things before you buy them and spend time to look at the different storage solutions that are available maximising the storage in your room.

Oakland furniture, oak furniture solutions are abundant at A world of furniture and because we have such a wealth of different suppliers coupled with our ability to buy in large quantities there will be prices to suit every budget. But also we are open (unlike some other furniture retailers) to doing deals, so when you are considering the prices of furniture, make sure that you do not forget to ask any member of staff what we can do for you - there is always something we can do! 

With stores in Salisbury, Blandford, Southampton and the biggest showrooms of bedroom furniture Bournemouth you will find not only a wealth of bedroom furniture that will cater for all tastes and budgets but also many years of experience with our staff who will happily advise you and make easy the path you travel in finding the ideal wooden bedroom furniture.

If you are looking for high-end bedroom furniture, you can find what you need at A world of furniture a huge selection of many kinds of furniture, with a constant drive to add new ranges of furniture to our existing collection, making sure that we have something for everyone. Great quality furniture at affordable prices. 

30th April 2017

Make Your Home More Beautiful With Solid Oak Furniture

When the time to give your home a makeover comes about, you may not know which room to start with. However, a good choice is one of the major family rooms such as the dining room. The other thing you need to decide is the kind of furniture to choose, have a home that would suit rustic furniture, or maybe a more modern look would do the trick, at a A world of furniture we have a soft spot for solid oak furniture. Oak is a wonderful material and has such great character to the wood, with full grain, medullary rays and warm colouring.

Solid oak furniture comes in various styles ranging from contemporary to antique, modern to rustic and everything in between so whatever the style of your home you can rest assured that there will most definitely be something for you.

The design led Zen Oak Collection

The modern design led - Zen Oak Collection - See more here


Oak furniture is easy to maintain, most people do not want to spend a lot of money and time looking after their furniture once they buy it and one of the best things about oak furniture is that you can keep it looking its best by a quick dusting, this is generally down to the quality of the finishes that are used - in the main a simple satin lacquer which makes oak furniture fairly maintenance free.

Another reason you should choose oak is that it is durable and strong. Oak is one of the sturdiest woods that is utilised to make furniture. Cheaper alternatives can last a few months, but oak is the material that lasts for many years without diminishing in strength, this is enhanced buy the the right manufacturing techniques, dovetailed drawer boxes, mortise and tenon joints combined with the nature of solid oak will make furniture last a life time

The appearance of oak is traditional and classic, but it complements other materials as well, dark oaks can be used to contrast against light backgrounds, modern light oak is very neutral and works well with both simple bold colours or patterns, but with any style you go for there will always be a decorating style that will go with it.

Dorset oak

Light oak seen here against a bold back drop with the Dorset Oak collection - see more here


One of the latest trends is to mix oak with steel to give a glorious industrial look to give a striking modern designer look, this has been seen across many ranges that are now coming to light in a new market and this is epitomised by the Abbotswood Industrial. A clever mix again showing the flexibility of oak with other materials, heavy, masculine steel  against the rustic nature of the distressed oak with its delightful grain and character really showing off well what can be achieved with this great material, it really does bring a rustic and warm feel to any room.

Abbotswood Industrial

 Abbotswood Industrial oak seen here showing off the versatility of the oak when combining with other materials - see more here


When you are considering furniture for your home you will find Oak furniture solutions are available in many different forms. Whether you are considering bedroom, dining room or the living room, you will always be able to find a piece of furniture in solid oak that will suit the task at hand wardrobes, beds, console tables, coffee tables, dressers, chairs, dinning tables there is a never ending list of the pieces of furniture that are available in a whole host of sizes, colours and designs. Light oak is still very popular and this is great as you then mix and match it with items from different ranges still holding the appearance that everything ties together.

Dinton Oak

 Many different materials and colours here against the neutrality of the Dinton Oak collection - see more here


Oak is a warm looking wood and the grain and natural patterning offers every piece of furniture a unique feel of its own and when used enmasse to fill a room or just one or two pieces to add a focal point, it will give a room much needed character and warmth. If you are looking for oak furniture UK, then you should come to a A world of furniture, we huge displays in all of our showrooms, with room sets so that you can be able to visualise how the furniture is likely to appear in your home and certainly give you a healthy amount of inspiration.

So pop on into our world of furniture (that's right a whole world of furniture, not an oak furniture village and certainly better than an oak furniture land) where you will experience the quality of the furniture first hand. Our showrooms have staff with many years of experience with oak furniture who can assist you to select the most suitable piece and discuss the most suitable delivery option. In our shops you can find high-quality oak furniture at cost effective prices and above all - best service!

4th April 2017

Contemporary Dining Tables for a Modern Lifestyle

In the dining room, old fashioned and traditional values still exist, many families gather together to share meals and conversations in the dining room. The dining room furniture available these days is abundant with many contemporary dining room sets to fit the decorating styles of modern consumers.


The traditional dining tables were often seen with quite heavy legs or base which although very sturdy with modern manufacturing techniques this no longer needs to be the case. The other standard characteristic is an embellished or ornate design featur, these may show up in the formed of curved bases or legs, upturned or scrolled legs and tabletops that have etched designs.


Rustic |Deluxe Dining Table



In contrast, contemporary dining room tables can seem boring and plain with simple, understated designs and clean lines. Round dining tables are popular with modern consumers. Large wooden dining tables are also popular, suitable for large dining rooms seating many guests, in some cases over 3 meters long! Traditional dining sets employ a lot of decoration, but contemporary sets go in the opposite direction. They eschew ornamentation for simplicity, contemporary dining room sets are sophisticated and sleek.


The differences seen in traditional and contemporary furniture are not in terms of design only. There has also been a fundamental transformation in the textures and finishes and how the wood is utilized and tested in contemporary dining furniture. Older pieces usually tend to accentuate the wood grain with dark to medium range finishes like mahogany and cherry.


Bordeaux Oak Dining Table



Contemporary dining furniture styles can go to more extremes when it comes to finishes. Contemporary dining sets have been either really dark, from black to espresso or really pale, with shades of lighter natural finishes and white. There are some exceptions, but this difference holds true for the most part. The utilization of engineered wood has increased over the last 10 to 20 years and this has an effect on the appearance of dining room furniture.


At A world of furniture we prefer, as do our customers, the utilization of natural solid woods in the construction of our tables whether in solid oak or pine. With the usual mix of more natural soft finishes which highlight the natural appearance of the grain as opposed to veneers that can tend to look a little bland.


As you search for contemporary dining room furniture, you should note that simplicity is the key. Anything that is too ornate can make the décor of your dining room appear off balance. If you find the perfect dining room set, your dining room will not appear average. Something simple like an oak dining table or even a pine dining table can be ideal. You can get contemporary dining room furniture of the best quality from A world of furniture.


Lundy Dining Table



At A world of furniture, we seek to provide many different kinds of furniture from around the world. We offer a huge selection of wooden dining tables and other types of pine, oak and painted furniture. Our aim is to provide consumers with good quality furniture at cost effective prices. We offer our furniture in our physical stores and online.


We keep our warehouses full of furniture so that we can ensure fast delivery. We usually send two people when delivering our furniture to ensure that it is delivered in an efficient manner. At A world of furniture, we are also committed to environmental sustainability. We have a commitment to tree planting, recycling and good management of vehicles and fuel. We also support local tree planting schemes in our effort to grow more trees. Due to our eco-unique schemes, we are regarded as the most prominent retailer that that is environmentally friendly in the region.