Make Your Home More Beautiful With Solid Oak Furniture

When the time to give your home a makeover comes about, you may not know which room to start with. However, a good choice is one of the major family rooms such as the dining room. The other thing you need to decide is the kind of furniture to choose, have a home that would suit rustic furniture, or maybe a more modern look would do the trick, at a A world of furniture we have a soft spot for solid oak furniture. Oak is a wonderful material and has such great character to the wood, with full grain, medullary rays and warm colouring.

Solid oak furniture comes in various styles ranging from contemporary to antique, modern to rustic and everything in between so whatever the style of your home you can rest assured that there will most definitely be something for you.

The design led Zen Oak Collection

The modern design led - Zen Oak Collection - See more here


Oak furniture is easy to maintain, most people do not want to spend a lot of money and time looking after their furniture once they buy it and one of the best things about oak furniture is that you can keep it looking its best by a quick dusting, this is generally down to the quality of the finishes that are used - in the main a simple satin lacquer which makes oak furniture fairly maintenance free.

Another reason you should choose oak is that it is durable and strong. Oak is one of the sturdiest woods that is utilised to make furniture. Cheaper alternatives can last a few months, but oak is the material that lasts for many years without diminishing in strength, this is enhanced buy the the right manufacturing techniques, dovetailed drawer boxes, mortise and tenon joints combined with the nature of solid oak will make furniture last a life time

The appearance of oak is traditional and classic, but it complements other materials as well, dark oaks can be used to contrast against light backgrounds, modern light oak is very neutral and works well with both simple bold colours or patterns, but with any style you go for there will always be a decorating style that will go with it.

Dorset oak

Light oak seen here against a bold back drop with the Dorset Oak collection - see more here


One of the latest trends is to mix oak with steel to give a glorious industrial look to give a striking modern designer look, this has been seen across many ranges that are now coming to light in a new market and this is epitomised by the Abbotswood Industrial. A clever mix again showing the flexibility of oak with other materials, heavy, masculine steel  against the rustic nature of the distressed oak with its delightful grain and character really showing off well what can be achieved with this great material, it really does bring a rustic and warm feel to any room.

Abbotswood Industrial

 Abbotswood Industrial oak seen here showing off the versatility of the oak when combining with other materials - see more here


When you are considering furniture for your home you will find Oak furniture solutions are available in many different forms. Whether you are considering bedroom, dining room or the living room, you will always be able to find a piece of furniture in solid oak that will suit the task at hand wardrobes, beds, console tables, coffee tables, dressers, chairs, dinning tables there is a never ending list of the pieces of furniture that are available in a whole host of sizes, colours and designs. Light oak is still very popular and this is great as you then mix and match it with items from different ranges still holding the appearance that everything ties together.

Dinton Oak

 Many different materials and colours here against the neutrality of the Dinton Oak collection - see more here


Oak is a warm looking wood and the grain and natural patterning offers every piece of furniture a unique feel of its own and when used enmasse to fill a room or just one or two pieces to add a focal point, it will give a room much needed character and warmth. If you are looking for oak furniture UK, then you should come to a A world of furniture, we huge displays in all of our showrooms, with room sets so that you can be able to visualise how the furniture is likely to appear in your home and certainly give you a healthy amount of inspiration.


So pop on into our world of furniture (that's right a whole world of furniture, not an oak furniture village and certainly better than an oak furniture land) where you will experience the quality of the furniture first hand. Our showrooms have staff with many years of experience with oak furniture who can assist you to select the most suitable piece and discuss the most suitable delivery option. In our shops you can find high-quality oak furniture at cost effective prices and above all - best service!

Posted by Alan Giles
30th April 2017

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