Contemporary Dining Tables for a Modern Lifestyle

In the dining room, old fashioned and traditional values still exist, many families gather together to share meals and conversations in the dining room. The dining room furniture available these days is abundant with many contemporary dining room sets to fit the decorating styles of modern consumers.


The traditional dining tables were often seen with quite heavy legs or base which although very sturdy with modern manufacturing techniques this no longer needs to be the case. The other standard characteristic is an embellished or ornate design featur, these may show up in the formed of curved bases or legs, upturned or scrolled legs and tabletops that have etched designs.


Rustic |Deluxe Dining Table



In contrast, contemporary dining room tables can seem boring and plain with simple, understated designs and clean lines. Round dining tables are popular with modern consumers. Large wooden dining tables are also popular, suitable for large dining rooms seating many guests, in some cases over 3 meters long! Traditional dining sets employ a lot of decoration, but contemporary sets go in the opposite direction. They eschew ornamentation for simplicity, contemporary dining room sets are sophisticated and sleek.


The differences seen in traditional and contemporary furniture are not in terms of design only. There has also been a fundamental transformation in the textures and finishes and how the wood is utilized and tested in contemporary dining furniture. Older pieces usually tend to accentuate the wood grain with dark to medium range finishes like mahogany and cherry.


Bordeaux Oak Dining Table



Contemporary dining furniture styles can go to more extremes when it comes to finishes. Contemporary dining sets have been either really dark, from black to espresso or really pale, with shades of lighter natural finishes and white. There are some exceptions, but this difference holds true for the most part. The utilization of engineered wood has increased over the last 10 to 20 years and this has an effect on the appearance of dining room furniture.


At A world of furniture we prefer, as do our customers, the utilization of natural solid woods in the construction of our tables whether in solid oak or pine. With the usual mix of more natural soft finishes which highlight the natural appearance of the grain as opposed to veneers that can tend to look a little bland.


As you search for contemporary dining room furniture, you should note that simplicity is the key. Anything that is too ornate can make the décor of your dining room appear off balance. If you find the perfect dining room set, your dining room will not appear average. Something simple like an oak dining table or even a pine dining table can be ideal. You can get contemporary dining room furniture of the best quality from A world of furniture.


Lundy Dining Table



At A world of furniture, we seek to provide many different kinds of furniture from around the world. We offer a huge selection of wooden dining tables and other types of pine, oak and painted furniture. Our aim is to provide consumers with good quality furniture at cost effective prices. We offer our furniture in our physical stores and online.



We keep our warehouses full of furniture so that we can ensure fast delivery. We usually send two people when delivering our furniture to ensure that it is delivered in an efficient manner. At A world of furniture, we are also committed to environmental sustainability. We have a commitment to tree planting, recycling and good management of vehicles and fuel. We also support local tree planting schemes in our effort to grow more trees. Due to our eco-unique schemes, we are regarded as the most prominent retailer that that is environmentally friendly in the region. 

Posted by Alan Giles
4th April 2017

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