Furniture for Trees

Tree Planting Scheme

The basic idea of this scheme is that for every piece of furniture that you buy we will plant a tree, A world of furniture have been doing this since November 2008 and as we grow so will our efforts to grow more trees!

Our Eco unique schemes have now made us officially the regions most prominent Environmentally friendly furniture retailer, for which we have been recognised at the South Wiltshire Business Awards where we were presented as the twice winners of the Environmental Business of the Year Award ...with the runner up spot in tucked in there too which is nice!

To date we have helped the Forestry commission plant over 70,000 trees and this number will just keep on growing but it is not just tree planting that we are content with, we also make a huge effort at A world of furniture to recycle all of our cardboard and paper, this has now been combined with recycling the polystyrene packaging too, a material which is notoriously difficult to dispose of but have found a company locally in Poole who have been able to help us in recycling this too.

We also have an ongoing commitment to local bee keepers and have been regularly donating money to help keep the bee population from the decline that it has faced over the last few years.

All of our furniture comes from manufacturers who source their timber responsibly too, A world of furniture have an obligation as a company (as does the industry as a whole) to ensure that we have as little impact on the environment as possible and this is done through careful management of timber felling at source and replanting to maintain healthy woodland for the future.

As with all aspects of our business A world of furniture will always continue to look at ways to improve and amongst all of those considerations lessening our environmental impact will be a key topic in finding new ways and methods of doing this.

Helping replant local forests in association with the Forestry Commission

Maintaining sustainability through good sourcing from FSC approved suppliers who only use sustainable timber plantations

Commiting to good waste management recycling over 20 tonnes of cardboard per year

Committed to always looking at improving our waste management with the added ability to recycle all of our polystyrene packaging

Helping with Local Bee keeping and Conservation projects

Monitor Electricity useage throughout all our sites/warehouses and shops

Efficiently control our fleet of Delivery vehicles with Eco GPS systems

Have started an Educational Programme with some local schools whereby we are reconnecting Children with their environment and nature through Bushcraft.

A world of furniture - Committed to the Environment.